SOP B-Tree .Net

Scalable Object Persistence (SOP) B-Tree .Net is a free database framework for building great Applications that scale multi-dimensionally in data management.


A modern database engine within a code library. It is categorized as a NoSql engine, and because of its low-latency scalability, is considered to be a key-enabler of Big Data Apps. Integration is one of SOP's primary goals, easy to use API, App embedded & in-memory performance level allow this library to get used across diverse scenarios, as a middleware and/or as the database engine itself. Store implementation uses an enhanced, modernized B-Tree implementation that virtualizes RAM & Disk storage to offer a 'disk stored' superfast, in-memory data management performance.

Getting started

SOP helps you easily build data management functionalities part of your Applications and/or database solutions used by your Apps. It's now easier than ever before to getting started writing content rich, highly intensive data management or data retrieval Applications.

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Consulting As A Service (CAAS)

We provide consultancy services to our customers, 'coming soon, you will be able to register and join our community of professionals to start reaping benefits of learning about SOP and how this framework can benefit, simplify your Application's development and your organization's Small to Large Enterprise or anything in-between database needs.